100 Days of School Project.

Written by Tracy Tamucci photo editor/ SAHM

There are exactly 100 letter pieces in a scrabble box. So we thought this would be a fun project for the 100th day of school project.

Very simple directions, Lay out the letters for “Hundred Days of School”. And then have fun building more words off of those. Let your little one take the lead and help them put together school themed words. And then glue them down for your child.

You can also write out a list of words for them

And have them practice writing those words.

Mackenzie’s pre-K class had a show and tell where she presented her project.  She colored in the letters “HUNDRED DAYS OF SCHOOL” in red.

And Xander also brought his board in to show his kindergarten class.

We used the hard plastic scrabble board. You can often find used ones cheap on eBay. If you use a hot glue you can pop the pieces off and you’ll have your board game back.

We used crazy glue because I couldn’t find my hot glue gun. So ours is a permanent school project now. But Xander is very proud of it!

You can use our word puzzles or have fun creating your own.

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