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Preschool Valentine’s Cards

Written by Amy Rios Town Clerk/Crochet Artist

Valentine’s Day is only two days away!  My son just started preschool in January so this whole school thing is new to me.  It goes without saying that this is my first Valentine’s that I had to help my son make a nice card for his classmates.  The only stipulation was no candy.  Sure I could have just bought Valentine’s from the store, but that just isn’t me – so I turned to Pinterest.  There are so many great ideas.  I decided to pick this free Valentine from


I have a Dollar Tree and a Target within 10 mins drive.  I found a cute Valentine box from the Dollar Tree to put all my finds in.  This kid is seriously set for the next few years.  I can’t believe I found heart googly eyes! They are perfect for the card.


We had a Valentine’s Party at a friends house and his school party.  So we needed to make a lot.  Spencer got bored after making a few for his class.  So I finished up the rest.  (Besides he decided that the stickers didn’t have to stay within the bounds of the card, so I ended up gluing them to a larger piece of paper so they wouldn’t stick together.)  I had found a large box of stickers in the supermarket and I figured they would make great candy-free gifts.  I glued them to the front of the card because I was worried the kids wouldn’t find them on the back.  So for about $15 we made these cute cards and we have more than enough supplies to make cards for family and friends.


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