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Where The Wild Things Are

Written by Tracy Tamucci photo editor/ SAHM

For over two years we worked on this amazing Wild Thing photo series.  I have thoroughly enjoyed capturing our boys dressed as these characters from our favorite book, “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak .  The series features Bradyn as “Max” in a wolf suit.   This beautiful costume was originally Xander’s when he was two/three years old,  and we managed to captured a couple of great photos of him in the costume.  But the photo series truly began when we passed it along to Brady, who rocked it for another two years.

We did all sorts of photoshoots for this series.   In the fall we went Apple Picking and around Christmas the boys wore their Wild Thing costumes while we went to chop down our Christmas tree.


Every weekend that it snowed we went out for a photoshoot.  The Max costume was very warm and both boys wore it their first times skiing.

We also did several studio sessions in these costumes. Because Xander had done his session in 2014 on a white backdrop. We tried to replicate that session with Brady.

wild thing booksidebyside whitewildsidebyside whitewild-4sidebyside whitewild-3

We had also designed a set for Xander, with a small boat and a woodland backdrop. So we brought that set back out for Bradyn.

sidebyside boat wildthingssidebyside boat wildthings-2

New to our backdrop collection is a specific “Where the Wild Things Are” backdrop. This beautiful backdrop was designed by intuitionbackgrounds. The boys felt like they had stepped right into a page from the book.


Our last photo session was done on the beach. Because these costumes were very worn in at this point, I was willing to sacrifice them. I knew both boys were getting to big for these costumes. So just like a “trash the wedding dress” session. The boys dove into the water and we let them just have fun!

It was and emotional photo session for me as I realized my babies had out grown their costumes and our Wild Thing series was coming to an end. I was also realizing that I had over 3,000 photos to go through and to start editing. This process took me about a full year. But I am proud to finally share our “Where the Wild Things Are” photo series.


We are working on getting brand new wild thing costumes for future clients, so that we can keep this story book alive in our hearts.  Please follow us on facebook, for updates on when “Wild Thing” studio and outdoor sessions will be available for booking.

Picture So Perfect Studio

Bradyn’s Max costume was custom made by The Radical Thread co.

Xander’s head piece was made by halfcaffcrochet and his costume came from Potter Barn Kids

Because most of these pictures feature Bradyn, here’s a sweet video of Xander wearing his wild thing costume.

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