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Library Engagement Session

Written by Tracy Tamucci photo editor/ SAHM

My baby sister, Elyse, is getting married this this weekend. I am honored to be her maid of honor. But I am even more honored that Mic is her photographer. We have never done a wedding. So this is a big step for us! We decided to do their engagement shoot in a Library. I was hoping to capture the playful relationship between Elyse and her finance, George. These two avid readers did not disappoint, the whole session turned out perfect! A Library is a great spot for an engagement session. But not all Libraries are going to be okay with you just waltzing in a doing a photoshoot. So you will definitely have to get permission from the Library first.

Also, you’ll need to be respectful when taking your pictures. It was hard to communicate while whispering, but that was also part of the fun.

Elyse’s daughter Mackenzie is so excited her mom his getting married! She had a great time at the photoshoot. She posed and followed all of our instructions.

I wanted to capture the sweet and special bond that Mackenzie and George share. Along with the beautiful mother/daughter relationship Mackenzie and Elyse have.


This photoshoot got us all excited for the wedding! I am very proud of their engagement photos and I know they will cherish these pictures forever.  I love everything about these photos, almost as much as I love Elyse’s adorable family!

This is just the beginning of their beautiful love story!


Bonus Storybook photo:

Fine art edit on this beautiful picture of Mackenzie:

This photo wasn’t planned… just some fun with photoshop on an image that would have normally been culled out of the collection.

Thank you Elyse and Geroge, for choosing Picture So Perfect for your special day!

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