A Harry Potter Themed Birthday

My niece’s October birthday party always has a great theme because her birthday is so close to Halloween and we go all out with our costumes.   It’s a wonderful, fun, family party where all her Aunts, Uncles, cousins and extended family members get involved.  As a family, we threw this Halloween party way before Mackenzie… Continue reading A Harry Potter Themed Birthday

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Nintendo Bedroom Makeover

My oldest is turning 6, and he’s still in a toddler bed. He never complained it was too small and I just wasn’t ready to take the next step. My boys share a room and it was still a nursery up until now. When I was pregnant with Xander, we waited until he was born… Continue reading Nintendo Bedroom Makeover


100 Days of School Project.

There are exactly 100 letter pieces in a scrabble box. So we thought this would be a fun project for the 100th day of school project. Very simple directions, Lay out the letters for “Hundred Days of School”. And then have fun building more words off of those. Let your little one take the lead… Continue reading 100 Days of School Project.


Westchester library Events: May 2017

  Here is a list of local library’s that are doing free events in Southern Westchester and one in West Harlem.  If there is a library not on the list that you attend please let us know and in the future we will add them to the list.  Please join our Facebook Group to find… Continue reading Westchester library Events: May 2017

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A Monster’s Inc. Birthday Party

  Xander has his birthday party at the movie theater every year.  We have done Toy Story, Wreck it Ralph and this year, Monster’s Inc. We started off the party planning with a photo shoot for his invitation.  This was a tough one because I had Xander on a black screen and he didn’t understand… Continue reading A Monster’s Inc. Birthday Party

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Bradyn and the Purple Crayon

My favorite portraits of my boys are usually inspired by classic Children’s Books.  We bought our first set of studio and camera equipment for my niece’s first birthday party.  Her birthday theme was a children’s book costume party and she was the butterfly from A Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Xander was only two years old and… Continue reading Bradyn and the Purple Crayon