A Harry Potter Themed Birthday

My niece’s October birthday party always has a great theme because her birthday is so close to Halloween and we go all out with our costumes.   It’s a wonderful, fun, family party where all her Aunts, Uncles, cousins and extended family members get involved.  As a family, we threw this Halloween party way before Mackenzie… Continue reading A Harry Potter Themed Birthday


Harry Potter Costumes- Halloween 2017

Our 2017 Halloween costumes. These kids did a great job at their Harry Potter Photoshoot.  I used Photoshop to transform their photos into something more “magical”  

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Library Engagement Session

My baby sister, Elyse, is getting married this this weekend. I am honored to be her maid of honor. But I am even more honored that Mic is her photographer. We have never done a wedding. So this is a big step for us! We decided to do their engagement shoot in a Library. I… Continue reading Library Engagement Session

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Circus 4th of July

It’s forth of July again! Time for Bradyn and Tyler’s birthday party.  We chose a Circus theme for them this year, and we did a cute circus photoshoot at Playland for their birthday invitation. Bradyn also found a cute patriotic cowboy hat at CVS on father’s day, and this prompted a second photoshoot in the… Continue reading Circus 4th of July

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Where The Wild Things Are

For over two years we worked on this amazing Wild Thing photo series.  I have thoroughly enjoyed capturing our boys dressed as these characters from our favorite book, “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak .  The series features Bradyn as “Max” in a wolf suit.   This beautiful costume was originally Xander’s when he was two/three… Continue reading Where The Wild Things Are

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Hailey’s Luau 

Hailey is my goddaughter.   She turned one at the beginning of the summer and my sister decided on a Hawaiian themed birthday party.   So we went to work prepping her smash cake session as her birthday present. Smash cakes are my favorite!  It’s the perfect age and who doesn’t love a baby covered… Continue reading Hailey’s Luau 

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Nintendo Bedroom Makeover

My oldest is turning 6, and he’s still in a toddler bed. He never complained it was too small and I just wasn’t ready to take the next step. My boys share a room and it was still a nursery up until now. When I was pregnant with Xander, we waited until he was born… Continue reading Nintendo Bedroom Makeover

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Skiing 2018

I put both my boys on skis at a very young age. Xander was about to turn 3 years old the first time he skied and Bradyn was only 2 and half. We have always gone skiing once or twice a year. But this year I decided to dedicate the whole winter to skiing. It’s… Continue reading Skiing 2018

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Trolls Party!

This year Xander chose “Trolls” for his movie theater birthday party. He is turning 6 so I though it was time to let him pick his own movie. At first I tried to persuade him to choose something else. Trolls is on Netflix and EVERY parent I know has seen the movie 1,000 times! Also,… Continue reading Trolls Party!

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Easter Egg Letter Find

If you are anything like me, you are about to have lots of empty plastic eggs left after Sunday’s Hunt.  Spencer and I have already done two hunts this season and I have two bucketfuls, not to mention the ones from last year and the eggs I bought this year because I couldn’t find last… Continue reading Easter Egg Letter Find