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Tie Dye and 4th of July 

Written by Tracy Tamucci photo editor/ SAHM My cousin and I throw a 4th of July party for our birthday boys every year.  The theme is of course, 4th of July (Red White and Blue), but because they are kids we decided to try to pick a secondary theme each year to keep it creative.… Continue reading Tie Dye and 4th of July 

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Bradyn and the Purple Crayon

My favorite portraits of my boys are usually inspired by classic Children’s Books.  We bought our first set of studio and camera equipment for my niece’s first birthday party.  Her birthday theme was a children’s book costume party and she was the butterfly from A Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Xander was only two years old and… Continue reading Bradyn and the Purple Crayon

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I tell my Husband and sons that I love them, multiple times a day.  We say it when we part ways, when we meet again, and when we say good night.  But sometimes between going to work and taking care of the kids the words “I Love You” lose their substance.   For me Valentine’s Day… Continue reading Love


Photo Challenge- Part Two

THE SERIES OF BRUSHED PAINTINGS So I started a photo challenge… to edit atleast one personal photo per week in 2017.  But just like almost every project I start, I got a little side-tracked.  I often get sucked into my own little photo editing world.  I’ll spend hours editing one picture until I finally have… Continue reading Photo Challenge- Part Two


Photo Challenge

THE SIDE-BY-SIDE SERIES At the beginning of 2017, I vowed to get my personal pictures in check.  I spend so much time editing other people’s  photos and my own continually get pushed to the back burner.  Don’t get me wrong, I edit tons of pictures of my children.  But it is probably only one fifth… Continue reading Photo Challenge


My List of Go-To Shops For Costumes and Props 

We have always enjoyed dressing up. My husband and I have been cosplaying for years, even before having kids or starting a photography business. Halloween planning starts in July and it involves lots of online research so that we can get our costumes just right. When my oldest son, Xander, was born we joked that… Continue reading My List of Go-To Shops For Costumes and Props 

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Are You a Paparazzi Mom?

I grew up with a paparazzi mom.  I am the oldest of four daughters and my mother continually captured and documented EVERYTHING we did. She literally filmed what felt like every single moment of our lives, and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy to be a paparazzi mom in the late 80s and early… Continue reading Are You a Paparazzi Mom?