Beware the Ides of March.

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Some days I feel like life has stabbed me in the back. I consider myself a decent person. I’m kind. I care. I’m a good friend and I’m trying my hardest to instill a sense of morality in our three kids (two of my own and one step.) And yet there…

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Products and Ideas for First Time Mommies -Part One – The Stroller

It wasn’t too long ago that we were welcoming our son Spencer into the world.  I was so excited and scared during my pregnancy, but nothing really prepared me for 1. bringing him into this world and 2. bringing him home.  I thought I had everything covered during pregnancy.  I went to all my prenatal… Continue reading Products and Ideas for First Time Mommies -Part One – The Stroller

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Color Mixing Experiment

  Cookie Sheet Water Food Dye Crayons Paper Candy Dishes Pipette or Turkey Baster Spoons I bet you already have at least 90% of the items needed for this activity in your house.  The most difficult part for me was rounding up all the supplies while my excited preschooler waited not so patiently for me… Continue reading Color Mixing Experiment

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Blizzard 2017 – Time for Cookies, Hot Cocoa and Snowman Learning

  I was thrilled last night when I had heard it was going to snow.  I was so sad for Spencer that the snow melted literally the day after we went sledding. You can read A Snowy Day  and experience his joy too.  He had so much fun that on the walk home he asked… Continue reading Blizzard 2017 – Time for Cookies, Hot Cocoa and Snowman Learning

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Better than store bought Play Dough

I am a Pinwhore.  I admit it.  If you go to my personal Pinterest there are several thousand pins.  That being said, I refer to Pinterest for just about everything.  Spencer, Xander, Bradyn or Mackenzie have a birthday coming up?  Someone needs a new crochet hat?  My friend is pregnant?  Why of course they need… Continue reading Better than store bought Play Dough

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A Snowy Day

The last two times it snowed we ‘missed it’.  Everyone had pictures of their kids playing in the snow on Facebook and I just didn’t get us outside.  We were sick.  We had gotten this horrible illness that lasted for weeks.  We were literally all sick for Christmas. Anyhow…. I got us out into the… Continue reading A Snowy Day

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Are You a Paparazzi Mom?

I grew up with a paparazzi mom.  I am the oldest of four daughters and my mother continually captured and documented EVERYTHING we did. She literally filmed what felt like every single moment of our lives, and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy to be a paparazzi mom in the late 80s and early… Continue reading Are You a Paparazzi Mom?