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Trolls Party!

Written by Tracy Tamucci photo editor/ SAHM

IMG_5145 (1)

This year Xander chose “Trolls” for his movie theater birthday party. He is turning 6 so I though it was time to let him pick his own movie. At first I tried to persuade him to choose something else. Trolls is on Netflix and EVERY parent I know has seen the movie 1,000 times! Also, at his last 3 movie theater birthdays we have shown children’s classics like Toy Story. I just wasn’t sure Trolls was a solid choice. It is hard for me to give up this type of control (my children have NEVER picked their own Halloween costumes), but I told him he could pick, so after he chose “Trolls” I decided to make the best of it.

In the past, the movies we have chosen have had two main characters for both my boys to dress up. This movie only has one leading male character, Branch, but we agreed Xander and Bradyn could both be Branch because he changes colors during the movie. With that settled, we did our invitation photo-shoot and the invites came out super cute.

My cousin and cake partner helped me make 72 Trolls cupcakes for the party! They were a lot of work and I’m certain next year we are going back to a cake! But the kids were able to choose between Poppy, Branch, and Guy Diamond cupcakes which was fun. The cupcakes were made with Trolls cookie cutters that I bought off Amazon.

Xander’s birthday is often around Easter Sunday.  This year his party was the day before. So we decided to do a trolls Easter egg hunt at the playground across from the movie theater. I got a hold of a bunch of the tiny old school trolls off Ebay, the kind we collected in the 90’s. And we put one troll in each Easter egg.  Xander’s older cousins helped hide the eggs while the younger kids were finishing their cupcakes. Then, the kids took their goodie bags and searched for the hidden trolls. I think even if your birthday isn’t by Easter you could still pull off this type of activity for your Trolls party. What kid doesn’t love a good egg hunt?

I made a bunch of troll goodie bags because the store bought bags were to small for an egg hunt, and a bit over priced. I took black bags and cut out sticker trolls on my die cut machine. But you can also choose a lighter color bag and cut out one troll and stencil on the shape of a troll to the front of each bag.  I added a little sticker rhinestone belly button to each troll’s tummy.

For me, the best part of the Trolls party was the music video Xander and his father worked on. For about a year, we taped Xander singing Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling”. We filmed during a bunch of fun moments like our trip to Disney Land and fun holiday moments. When my husband put the video all together is was amazing to see his whole year wrapped up into one music video. They both put in a lot of work and it was amazing to watch on the big screen!

Although I hesitated at first this Trolls Birthday might be my favorite so far! I’m glad I relinquished some control and let my 5 year old pick the movie. We can’t wait to start planning for next year.

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