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Easter Egg Letter Find

Written by Amy Rios Town Clerk/Crochet Artist


If you are anything like me, you are about to have lots of empty plastic eggs left after Sunday’s Hunt.  Spencer and I have already done two hunts this season and I have two bucketfuls, not to mention the ones from last year and the eggs I bought this year because I couldn’t find last years… groan… What am I going to do with ALL of these eggs?!



Well, I have come up with a twist on the classic egg hunt.  Take empty eggs and write 29680486_10101562850292560_1446792994_oupper and lower case letters on each half respectively.  Then try to fill all the letters up with items from your kids room.  What makes this tricky is finding items small enough to fit in each egg.  Bonus points for finding items for X,Y and Z.  For an added twist write letters in cursive on the eggs.  I know they aren’t teaching script anymore.  I really think that is a shame.  Just because they aren’t teaching it in school, doesn’t mean I can’t teach him.  I have made a work sheet to go along with this game.  If you child is writing have them write out each toy that goes into each egg, if not, you can do it for them.


Letter Egg Hunt

Here are what we filled our eggs with-  A. Alligator B. Bubble Puppy C. Coin D. Dog finger puppet E. Elephant finger puppet F. Fish G. Giraffe finger puppet H. Hat (Lego) I. Igloo      J. Jem K. Key L. Lime Lego M. Man N. Nickle O. One number magnet P. Penguin  Q. Queen finger puppet R. Rabbit S. Snail T. Turtle U. Unicorn finger puppet V. Villain (Lego man) W. Wizard finger puppet.

It wasn’t nearly as hard as I initially thought it would be.  We really got talking about what each letter sounded like.  From there we had to figure out words that started out with the letter and then we had to think of toys that were small enough to fit in the egg.  It was a lot of fun and we played this game a couple of times.  He has been working on his letters in school and he is really starting to get good with them.  I can’t believe my baby is growing up.

Free Download Easter Egg Letter Hunt

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