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Women’s March NYC 2018

Written by Amy Rios Town Clerk/Crochet Artist

Last year I had wished I had made plans to go to the Women’s March.  About 2 days before hand a friend of mine asked me if I was going and I said I had not planned on it and with such short notice I couldn’t ask my MIL. So this year I planned on going.  And I brought my son.


I am part of a group called Progressive Women of Pelham.  It is a politically active group devoted to educating its members on potential candidates and on political issues such as the IDC, the propositions on the back of the ballot, CON-CON and various other topics.  More information can be found on their Facebook Page or  you can Tweet them at ProgWomenPelham.  The group is turning into a 501-C and there are plans for a Progressive Women of New York.  If you are interested in joining that group please contact me.

Anyhow –

At 9 am Spencer and I met with a group of about 20 adults, 3 teens and other kid; one of Spencer’s best friends, Henry.  We get to Grand Central and it seemed like a slow day to me, but it was 9:30ish on a Saturday.  (I have honestly seen the place a lot more jam-

Progressive Women of Pelham

packed).  We were meeting up with more people at the clock.  Now our group us up to at least 30. Just getting onto the subway platform our group had splintered up. I asked the smaller group that I was with if we could take the next subway because I had my stroller and Spencer and I didn’t feel like being packed in and thankfully they agreed.   We eventually did meet back up with the main group on the streets.  Ironically we were talking about how easily we should be able to spot Eldar and Dominique and how beautiful Jenny’s hair is – and there they were up the block from us coming from another direction and crossing the street.  We called out to them and caught up.  The splinter groups all seemed to coalesce outside a church that we used as a pit stop.  (PWP did have a detailed list of meet up locations and times)  There were a lot of people inside making signs.  When I came out there was a band playing outside.  Once everyone had reorganized we got onto the middle of the street.  I have to say it was exhilarating.  I have been to many demonstrations/marches/rallies; whatever you want to call them.  But I have never been in the center of the street before.  More and more people started to fill in and I was suddenly on the street with thousands of people.  There were so many of us we were crawling at 1 block and hour.  Now I know NYC blocks are long, but really…  27267059_10101509649088200_1667658724_o


What I found to be the most amazing was watching all of the other women and men that came down with us – how they helped out with Henry and Spencer.  I swear there were 27265118_10101509652107150_1421284129_oat least five other women that pushed my stroller for me, everyone kept an eye on the boys and neither of them got too far or got out of hand.  The boys were brilliant to be honest.  They played, never really got too whiny or had any fits.  Which if you spend much time with 3 and 4 year olds you know that those are serious possibilities.  Spencer was astounding – he saw a woman with a bull horn leading chants and he went up to her and asked her for the horn and led his own ‘My body My choice’ chant.


Everyone was surprised at how well stocked I was as far as snacks and drinks; and of course I shared.  It was a grueling march between the length and the speed.  I had Spencer on my shoulders several times.  The sun was beating down on us at some points and I was actually hot and sweating.  By the end of it I was shot.  Everyone was super friendly and helpful.  It was truly and amazing experience and I am so happy that I got to share it with my boy.



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Another highlight was getting to meet Liuba Shirley.  She is running for Congress in District 02.  One of the people in our group had noticed a Last Year I Marched This Year I Run sign and it said Liuba Shirely on it and it was really her!  It was wonderful meeting her and hopefully she will come up to Pelham and we can get a fundraiser going for her.


27393331_10101509652082200_1002402474_oBy the time we got to Columbus Circle our party had shrunk considerably.  After a few attempts I got a picture with Spencer and the statue I love.  Honestly I prefer the statue of the USS Maine, but who can blame me?  I am a water girl and its gold and a fountain.  (I have a picture of Spencer and I from 2015 on a particularly dismal day.  We had been selected to be on a the tour bus that goes from Columbus Circle to Yankee Stadium with the City Beats.  Let me tell you that was some bus ride!)


Did you go to the Women’s March?  What was your experience?  Please leave me a comment below.


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