Quick and Easy Ghosts

Written by Amy Rios Crochet Artist/SAHM




Need a last minute decoration for Halloween?  You have 9 days until the big night.  For these little ghosts all you need is a cotton ball, cheese cloth, crochet thread/embroidery thread or regular thread and an appropriate needle.

You can get the cheese cloth at your supermarket in the baking isle.  Crochet thread or embroidery thread can be found at a craft store.  I had crochet thread on hand so that is why I used it.  If you are going to use regular sewing thread you just have to go through your cotton ball a couple of times because the thread is so thin it won’t hold well in the cotton ball.


Extra Large Cotton Ball

Cheese Cloth

Crochet Thread / Embroidery Thread / Sewing Thread

Tapestry Needle / Needle


Cut your cheese cloth into squares.  Lay the chesse cloth over your cotton ball.  Push your needle through the top of the head and bring the thread up through the cotton ball. Tie off and you have your ghost.  As I said above, if you are using regular thread put a couple of stitches in the cotton ball to make sure it is secure.  You can make a fair amount of ghosts out of one package of cheese cloth.  They are great for indoor or out door decorations.



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