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Reeves Meadow Harriman State Park

Written by Amy Rios Crochet Artist/SAHM

Spencer 2017 Dearmest

Growing up in Southern Westchester I never imagined I would like hiking as much as I do.  Before we were married I talked Rob into moving up to Rockland with me.  We got this adorable condo in Pomona and we started hiking every chance we got.  We lived very close to Harriman and Bear Mountain so there were endless miles of hikes to do.  Also on the days we didn’t feel like hiking but we needed to unwind we would drive through Harriman, Bear Mountain and Sterling Forest.  That being said, we are both very hopeful that our son will enjoy the great outdoors as much as we do.

We were invited on a little hike up in Rockland from one of the Moms groups up there.  Whenever Spencer and I go for a walk about, I bring a little bucket for him.  Before we start the walk I tell him to pick up whatever he likes and at the end we look at all the things he has gathered.  There was a nice little lake to walk around with a picnic bench and a waterfall.  Spencer kept wanting to see the waterfall and eventually we did go down.  It was nice for a man made fall.  I had whispered in Spencer’s ear ‘do you want to see some real waterfalls?’ he said yes.  So I said ‘ok, I’ll take you’.  When we parted ways with the other moms I took us up to Harriman.

When we got out of the car he had no idea what to expect.  As soon as we got on the trail he loved it.  There are rocks of all sizes littered all over the path. He was having a blast climbing the larger ones, skipping along on the medium ones, and picking up the smaller ones.  There has been a lot of rain here lately so there was a good amount of water in Reeves Brook.  We saw several rapids and a few falls.  He was awe struck.  We went down to the brooks edge and climbed rocks.  On the path we said hello to many dogs.  At one point I told him we had to turn around and he said he didn’t want to.  I told him “I know neither do I.”   I didn’t want him getting too tired.  He loved his first hike.  When we called Daddy from the car and he asked how Spencer liked his hike he replied ‘I loved it!’ All in all it was a fantastic day.  We got to see some friends in the earlier part and in the end we satisfied Mommy’s need to go to Harriman and sparked interest in a new hiker.

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