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Easter Egg Hacks 

Written by Tracy Tamucci photo editor/ SAHM

We had a party to celebrate Easter/Spring with all of the cousins at Nana’s house this week. Nana spoiled the kids with new sneakers, new spring outfits, dying eggs and an Easter egg hunt in the back yard.

I’m one of those moms who hates messy activities. Play-doh, painting, and dying eggs are at the top of my list of annoying activites.  I don’t mind my kids getting messy, I just prefer for all the messy stuff not to happen at my house… so I usually suggest we do these really fun things at Nana’s house.   Xander dyed his first eggs at Nana’s house in 2014 and I was slightly horrified by the mess he made.

See this mess?  Look at his hands and Nana’s kitchen table?  But he had such a great time.  I am glad Nana agrees we should do this at her house every year.  However, the number of grandkids has multiplied since Easter of 2014 and we felt a couple brilliant mom hacks would make this activity a little more controlled.

The first hack is to bake the hard boiled eggs instead of boiling them in water.  Get out your cupcake trays and fill each cup with an egg.  Preheat the oven at 350 and bake them for 30 minuets.   Then, take them out and let them cool off by placing them in cold water.  You end up with perfect hard boiled eggs!


We make our colored dye with Paas Egg Decorating Kit, which consists of easy to use color disolve tablets.  You just place a tablet in a cup with water and vinegar and you are good to go.   Nana went out and bought six whisks and six tall cups.

Whisks are the perfect hack for toddlers to dye their eggs.  You stick the egg inside and hand them the whisk.  We all wondered how we could have possibly dyed eggs with kids before this hack and it has certainly changed our egg dying experience (although I still wouldn’t want to do eggs at my house).   Hailey, my niece, is only 10 months old and even she was able to have fun dying eggs.

All done and look at those clean hands!!!

After dying eggs the kids got into their nice clothes and we had an Easter egg hunt in the backyard.  Each kid had their own color eggs to find and the eggs were hidden harder or easier based on their age.   I love the wonderful memories my mother is creating for this group of cousins and I really love all the new hacks we learned this Easter.  Taking on a group of 6 kids dying hard boiled eggs would normally send me running for the hills, but with these added hacks it was pretty painless and I am so glad the kids got to dye eggs together at Nana’s house.



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