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Bugs, Bugs, Bugs – Huguenot Children’s Library

Written by Amy Rios Crochet Artist/SAHM

Huguenot Children’ts Library in New Rochelle N.Y. is one of my favorite libraries to bring Spencer to.  The entire library is geared for the younger crowd.  All year long they offer different classes in their classroom downstairs for various age groups.  However, the fun does not end inside the library.  There is an amazing playground next to the library called Jack’s Friendship Garden.  There are two different play structures, one for older children and one for younger children.  The smaller play set has a large umbrella over it so it stays nice and cool in the summer.  The larger structure has a roller slide which is one of Spencer’s personal favorites.  There are also swings, a sand pit, a seesaw and a few spring ride toys.  There is plenty of seating for the adults, there is the squishy foam ground so falls don’t hurt so much and there is a bathroom in the library.  The set up couldn’t be more perfect. But there is more.  The library is just off the grounds of the high school.  There is a little brook that cuts the two areas apart so there are a couple of cute bridges to walk across and look at what is going on below.  There is also a large lake to walk around  and a large expanse of grass to run in.  We literally spend hours there whenever we go.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

Earlier this week we went to a fire house in Yonkers.  Since it was early, it was a beautiful day and we were already out in the car, I decided to take us to Jack’s Friendship Garden.  We played outside for a good long time before I said lets go take a look at the library.  I always pick up all of the materials they have in the library and look at them while Spencer is playing with all the various toys they have inside.  Downstairs they have a train table, a mega block table, a doll house, lots of puzzles and computers outfitted with age appropriate games.  Upstairs they have a castle and a large fuzzy bear to snuggle with while reading stories.  Needless to say this is a great option for a rainy day if you just need to get out of your house.  One of the things I saw listed for Spring Break was this Bugs, Bugs, Bugs course for 3-5 year olds.  I signed him up right away.  I posted that we were going into our Facebook group and one of the other women decided to come with us.

When we got to the class there was a woman there from Westchester’s Children Museum.  She brought a bug book and asked all the children questions about different types of bugs.  After the book she had set up four different stations.  One was a bug glued on a plate and the children were supposed to draw the bug on their plate.  She had eye stickers and crayons and markers set up.  When they were finished the parents were asked to glue a description to the back of the plate.  Another table had little bins filled with multicolored plastic bugs much like counting bears.  The children could either separate the bugs by type or by color.  Spencer decided to go by color.  Up next was a table that had magnifying glasses, bug specimens and more plastic bugs.  The boys had a grand old time looking at the bugs under magnification.  The final table was a matching game.  There were printed cards with bugs on them and an x-ray image of each bug.  The children were supposed to match the two together.  Spencer had a lot of fun with that game.  All in all the class was wonderful.  It was well designed for the age group, had great activities and got all the children engaged.  I am so happy I was able to sign Spencer up for it.

After the Class

After the class Spencer really wanted to go upstairs to the library.  He and his friend played at the castle and found a bunch of Star Wars books to take out.  Then we went outside and had a look at the brook and ran in the field for a bit before finally getting to the play ground.  The boys had a wonderful time together.  After all that play it was well after lunch time and us mom’s were getting rather hungry.  We had a nice pizza lunch and then played in the back yard for a bit before walking them to the train.  It was a wonderful fun filled day with our friends.

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