Beware the Ides of March.


Some days I feel like life has stabbed me in the back.

I consider myself a decent person. I’m kind. I care. I’m a good friend and I’m trying my hardest to instill a sense of morality in our three kids (two of my own and one step.)

And yet there are days when it’s like karma is getting back at me for being horrible! I just want to look up to the heavens and scream….WHY?! WTF. (You know you have them too.)

These are the days when…

Every little thing gets under my skin. I tell my husband not to yell at the children over crumbs (even though he literally just vacuumed the previous crumbs) and thirty minutes later I’m screaming at my daughter for blankets and pillows on the floor again and why did she pull out the very blankets that I keep telling her NOT TO PLAY…

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