Royal Hanneford Circus 2017

Written by Amy Rios Crochet Artist/SAHM

Presidents day 2017 Spencer and I went to the Royal Hanneford Circus in White Plains  at the Westchester County Center.  We had gone last year for the first time with our good friends and had so much fun we didn’t want to miss it this year.  It was only around for three days, so if you missed it this year try to make it next year.  The tickets were $27 for regular reserved seats or $35 for premium seats.  Do bring an extra $10 to park in the lot.  The last two years we have sat in the bleachers on the floor on the right side of the floor by the middle of the middle ring and its only $27.  We sat in I want to say the 7th row which is perfect because you have a little elevation to see over everyone else’s head. We were at most 40 feet from the action.  I really enjoy going to the circus, probably just as much as my son.  But I have to say I really love watching the wonder on his face as he watches the high wire acts.

IMG_0484The show started off with some show girls dancing with big feathered tails.  I had never seen that at the circus before.  While they were dancing the white tigers were brought out.  That part of the show was actually a little scary.  There were about ten tigers in the cage with the man and they did not seem very happy.  One of them was particularly moody and his temper seemed to be contagious.  One tiger started pacing and looked rather frightened and then he jumped on the wall of the cage and tried to break out.  Another tiger found some rope that was obviously a tie down for something, for what I am not sure.  Several people had to come over and and were tugging on the other end of the rope before it was determined that the best course of action was to cut the rope and allow the tiger to have it.  I have a house cat and it was so interesting to watch how similar the tigers behavior was to my cat.  Their ears went flat when annoyed. When scared the one slunk around low to the ground and held his tail low.   The one that was playing tug of war was truly just playing and ran off with his prize excitedly. It was all a little nerve wracking and I was happy when that part of the show was over.

The next act was one of my favorites.  There was a high low wire on our side and a man on a motor bike with a woman on a rig below him.  It was amazing watching them zoom across the center.  At one point the man stood up on the bike and for a finale they did 360 degree rotations around the wire.  Quiet the show!

Up next were the roller skaters.  I was very impressed with how much they were able to do on such a little podium.  They were really quiet amazing.

They had camels, zebras, and ponies…

The aerial shows were up next.  One started with all the ladies coming out dressed as Marilyn Monroe.  The star of the show was an actual Hannaford.  I have to say this act was another one of the highlights of this show.

A few of the acts were done by students of the Westchester Circus Arts Center.  They were really quiet good.  They did a ribbon aerial show and a trampoline dance show that was spectacular.

Then it was time for intermission.  Intermission lasts for about twenty minutes and is really quiet fun.  They have pony and camel rides.  You can take your picture with an elephant or with a snake.  They had face painting and a bounce house and lots of balloons, stuffed animals, and lighted swords and wands.  They also have all of the regular circus fare, kettle corn, popcorn, Nathan’s hot dogs and pretzels, cotton candy and I am sure a variety of other things.  Spencer wanted a hot dog and a pretzel.  I must say the hot dogs were delicious.  The bun was warm and buttery and the hot dog was perfectly cooked.  The pretzel was really good too.  All of this is of course for an additional fee and I would recommend bringing cash.  Nathan’s did accept credit but the rides and photos did not.

Spencer is all about the elephants and wanted to take his picture with one again this year.  Of course they changed where the elephants were this year and I had to ‘fight’ my way over to the other side of the center.  I didn’t want us to miss getting our picture taken.  While walking around we saw a man juggling balls and a man on stilts.  I almost wish intermission was a little bit longer so you could do a little more.  Apparently if you get to the center early you can go in and they have all the same stuff set up and you can start your circus experience early.

Gotta love the face both of ’em are giving me .. hehehe…

The Trapeze act was nice.  Its a classic favorite.

Wouldn’t be a circus without the elephants!

I really want to know what it is like to be carried around by an elephant by your leg….

There was even an act from Cuba.  Let me tell you those boys can dance!

They even had a man shoot out of a cannon!  I hadn’t seen that before and it was thrilling.  I was a little worried for him but thankfully he landed just about where he was expected to be.

That was the close of the show.  There is nothing that can top shooting a man from a cannon across the room.  All in all it was a great show.  The boys loved it and so did us adults.  Honestly I can’t wait until next year.  Spencer literally talked about the circus all year long that is how much of a lasting impression it made on him.  He was two and a half the first time he went.  He talked about the elephant every so often that he took a picture in front of.  When I told him a few weeks in advance that we were going again with his friends he literally stopped eating, dropped his jaw and said “No way!!” He was so excited.


Smiles all around!

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