Photo Challenge- Part Two

Written by: Tracy Tamucci photo editor/ SAHM


So I started a photo challenge… to edit atleast one personal photo per week in 2017.  But just like almost every project I start, I got a little side-tracked.  I often get sucked into my own little photo editing world.  I’ll spend hours editing one picture until I finally have to close my laptop, put it away and join the real world again.  To me, I am never really finished editing a photo because you can always step away for awhile and go back to them later.  After learning new techniques, I always want to go back and re-edit. 

While going through old photos of my boys… I stared pulling out some of my all time favorites and playing around with new brushes. 

At first I felt guilty for getting side-tracked.  I was working on my original series of personal photos, which you can read about here…

Photo Challenge

…and now here I am re-editing old photos instead of new ones.  But then I realized that it didn’t matter how I was editing my personal photos, as long as I wasn’t ignoring them all together.  I worked on way more then one photo this week, 15 to be exact, so I have to consider that a success.  I’m still not exactly sure what I am going to do with these edits beyond this post, but I feel satisfied after making them.

 I made my first tutorial video and I am working on getting audio for it.  I tried to edit slower then I normally do and I used the mouse instead of keyboard short cuts. (which is so hard for me!)   If you are not familiar with photoshop, the audio is probably needed, otherwise check out my work in progress video.


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