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A Snowy Day

Written by Amy Rios Crochet Artist/SAHM

The last two times it snowed we ‘missed it’.  Everyone had pictures of their kids playing in the snow on Facebook and I just didn’t get us outside.  We were sick.  We had gotten this horrible illness that lasted for weeks.  We were literally all sick for Christmas.


I got us out into the snow today! And it was marvelous!  Santa had brought Spencer a Torpedo snow seat.  I brought us to a hill in town that I figured would be perfect and it was.

 They are doing some work on this park but it didn’t affect our ability to use the hill.  I can’t wait to see what they are doing across the street.  Spencer had so much fun that he wanted to find more hills.  Maybe next snow I will try to find us a bigger hill.  I honestly haven’t had this much fun in the snow since I was a kid.  


One last lick

Spencer asked if he could take his snow ball home.  I said ‘OK’.  I am going to use this as an opportunity to introduce a little bit of science into his life.  On the way home I told him that snow was solid water and that it was too warm in our apartment for the snow and it will melt into liquid water.  I told him we were going to put our snow ball in a bowl and see how much water it makes.


When he went into the kitchen to check on his snow ball he came out screaming “My snow ball melted! My snow ball melted!”

So here are the results…




Our snowball had about 3.5 oz of water in it after tasting and spillage.  I should have weighed in and measured the circumference of the snowball, but hey we can do that another day!  My gears are definitely turning!


A little bit of dirt never hurt anyone!


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