The Beginning


Amy Rios -Tracy and I met in 2000 in Freshman year at SUNY New Paltz.  Ironically we were both born in Texas and lived our whole lives in New York.  She was raised in Ronkonkoma and I was raised in Pelham. We met at cheerleading.  I only managed to be a cheerleader for one semester and Tracy stayed on for her entire college career.  I was a Biology Major and she was a TV Production Major with an Art Minor.  During our super senior year we lived off campus in adjoining apartments.  Our friendship has grown tremendously over the years. We now have three beautiful boys between us, two husbands, and three cats.  We are starting this blog to share our passion and love of life while raising our sons and keeping our husbands fed.

I grew up in Pelham and married my high school sweetheart  in 2011(several years after high school.)  We had our son Spencer in 2013 and we eventually moved back to Pelham. Pre-married life I worked as a lab assistant at Wyeth where I sequenced DNA and helped manage the lab and other cool stuff.  2009 was the end of my career at Wyeth and I started working as a liquid chromatographer at a small biotech company.  I did not last long in that job.  In 2012 Tracy had her first son and I made my first crochet hat.  As more of my friends starting having babies I started making more and more presents as baby shower gifts or as birthday presents. All of my friends started saying that I should sell my things, so I am making a go of it.  Two years ago I started a business called Amy’s Tangled Dreams.  If you can dream it and I can find a pattern or two to merge together we can make it happen.


My son is currently three.  He will not be going to preschool.  I am going to attempt to home school him until kindergarten.  I make a lot of purposeful play activities for him and his friends so that they can learn through play.  I joined a bunch of local Mom’s Groups on Facebook and Meetup and made a bunch of new mom friends.  A lot of my posts will have to do with crochet, but of course I am a mom so my son and the things I do for him will also take center stage.  I can’t wait to share my crazy beautiful life with you.

Tracy Tamucci-  As Amy mentioned above, I met her in college and our beautiful friendship started there.  Several years later when she got married she asked me to be her Matron of Honor and also Spencer’s Godmother.  Now we are in the part of our friendship where we help each other through motherhood.  I think everyone should have a friend you can turn to who doesn’t judge your parenting and is always there to help you when parenting gets the best of you.  I think both Amy and I use different  creative outlets to help us along the way.  She has always supported and encouraged my creative indulges and we enjoy collaborating on projects together.

After college I turned my TV major into a career as a freelance Art Director (Set Designer and Properties Master) for Nickelodeon and MTV.  It was honestly the perfect career for me, however there wasn’t much room for a family.  The hours were long and my schedule was inconsistent.  In 2012 I had my older son Alexander and in 2014 I had Bradyn.  I love being a mom, but being a stay at home mom  without a creative outlet felt suffocating.  I have recently started several business under the name Picture So Perfect.  I have a framing business and a photography business with my husband.  He is the photographer and I do the editing and set designs.  Amy’s beautiful hats are the perfect addition to our newborn photo shoots.



In 2014 my father lost his battle with brain cancer.  He and I had talked about starting a framing business together and after he passed away I had the drive to make the business into something special to honor him.  After finding a letter he wrote to my mom I started making memorial frames and plaques and I opened an Etsy shop to sell these type of items to other people who are grieving.




Our New Year’s Resolution this year was to get our website up and running and really get our names and businesses out there.  We figured what better way then doing it with your best friend.  Hope you enjoy our posts about friendship, motherhood, purposeful play, our version of parenting, family, baking, cooking, crochet, photography, toys, crafts and our own special brand of crazy.

Holiday Boutique New Lebanon Elementary School 2016

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